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#WomanInTech — Senior Engineer at BCG Digital Ventures — General Assembly London Alumna
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I’m feeling so lucky to be a recent graduate of the Google Women Developer Academy! It makes so much sense to tackle the issue of representation of women at tech conferences by proactively encouraging existing women in tech to be the ones to appear at tech conferences. …

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I’ve been speaking a lot about accessibility recently.

I hold two main beliefs on the topic:

1 — Accessibility is important, just as important as performance, or security or any other engineering constraint. It’s also really really important to your users, ‘disabled’ or not.

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I’m no longer ashamed of the fact that I first came to learn to code at the darkest point in my life.

For other people, perhaps going through similarly dark times, pandemic related or otherwise, I wanted to share how learning to code pulled me out of a difficult place.

Frequent Small Wins

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Web accessibility is important. (If you don’t believe me I wrote this blog post to convince you!) Here are 5 simple checks that there are no excuses for not doing. Do not push to production until you can check off every one of these!

1. Look at the HTML of your page

Are the headings in the correct order?

This is often easy to get…

I recently decided to see what I could do with Amazon’s Alexa Skills development platform. Here’s what I found — and how to get started yourself.

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You don’t have to look far to see how prevalent voice assistants are becoming. Voice assistants on smartphones, desktop computers, and home appliances…

A few months back I started experimenting with building voice assistants. (You can follow my journey here, or in Spanish here.) I’ve said before (here) how much I love this technology, but I feel like I’m in the minority.

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I set up a Google Alert for when a new…

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I’m now a year on from graduating from General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course (now Software Engineering Immersive), and starting my new career at BCG Digital Ventures. Here are my takeaways from the past year.

Experience is as valuable as knowledge — it takes time

A year or two ago a computer was a word processor and perhaps Google to…

¡Lo hiciste!

It is generally agreed by most studies that women make up fewer than 20% of those working in tech. Whilst we might might not have the solution to redress this balance, here are a a few thoughts on small things that would make a huge difference.

1. Remember that women work in tech too

When I first started…

Charlotte Qazi

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